For decades, anti-union forces have tried to

  • Cut corners
  • Roll-back safety regulations
  • Cheat workers on wages
  • Exploit immigrant workers

And IUPAT members met them head-on to protect working people.

Our members have used our collective power to raise working standards, prevailing wage rates, and benefits. 

It’s time for this generation of building trades workers to inherit this fight for our union brothers and sisters

Our fight for a better life begins at the bargaining table but goes into our communities and the voting booth. That means that we need to get active at our job sites, at our city councils and statehouses, and in our communities to fight union-busting from all sides to level the playing field for the more responsible contractors.


The union negotiates your next contract – not your employer, who only cares about the bottom line. Developers actively negotiate to lower wages and cut corners any way they can. When we come together as workers we can fight back and demand a safe workplace and higher wages. Union activism is the biggest factor in determining your next paycheck.

When construction workers stand shoulder to shoulder with their brothers and sisters, we have the power to fight for better wages, a stronger political voice, and job training and safety standards. It’s up to us to protect what we have from being erased and to fight for the rights we deserve.

Our signatory contractors know that when they bid on jobs they’re coming to the table with the best-trained workforce available. But our signatory contractors are competing with bad actors who will do anything for the bottom line. These low-road developers are routinely cited by OSHA, DOL and other state and local regulators for their shoddy business practices. That’s why we need to our collective power as a union to get project labor agreements, local hiring regulations and prevailing wage protections passed in our statehouses and city halls.

While all politicians love a photo op like groundbreakings or ribbon cutting, they don’t always see the value in real investment in our public infrastructure. We need to educate our elected leaders on the real benefit of infrastructure investment: spurring new small business development; high paying jobs for people in their communities; safe places for people to work, learn, travel or play.

We are seeing union-busting and corporate greed like never before. Anti-worker forces in statehouses, city halls, in Congress and even on the Supreme Court are working hard to destroy our hard-earned rights. We are calling on our leaders to pass meaningful labor law reform now so that workers can join together in a union.

A large portion of our membership is currently reaching retirement age. Our pension funds need greater investment, and the best way to do that is to expand our market share and membership by bringing more construction workers and signatory contractors into the fold.

We can’t afford to be out of sight, out of mind. We’ve come too far to let others make decisions for us against our best interests. That’s why we have to let politicians, employers, and the public know that construction workers will stand up in the face of union-busting laws and actions. The stronger the relationships we have with elected officials, contractors, developers, and community groups, the more leverage we’ll have at the bargaining table.

We are only as strong as our least active member - It's on all of us to become active, engaged members in order to raise everyone up. Your next paycheck, our next contract, and our union’s existence in the market depends on an active, educated workforce.