Take the IUPAT Activist Pledge

As Union Members, we look out on our industry and see anti-union anti-worker forces making inroads into our communities, into my industry, and it is leading towards an era of wage stagnation, diminishing worker protections, growing income inequality.

The leadership of our union, the IUPAT, is meeting this week at our 32nd General Convention with one goal in mind, how do we strengthen the IUPAT to fight back.

The work of the convention is only talk unless we act unless we stand up and speak in one loud, unified voice.

We are union, and we can beat back anti-worker anti-union attacks. With our collective voices, we can drive the conversation; we can expand work opportunities, skills training, and win back market share.

That’s why we’re asking our members to take the #IUPATActivistPledge


I want to be a part of the fight against anti-worker anti-union forces. Therefore, I pledge to help my union to mobilize 20,000 activists annually, expand our skills training, engaging in large organizing campaigns, and fight for issues that directly affect me and my work opportunities.

As a proud member of the IUPAT, I pledge to help my union, by doing my part to help mobilize, organize, and train so that the IUPAT is the strongest union in my community, my state, and my country.

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